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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate Planning contemplates the preparation of Wills, Trusts and related documents. The advantage of creating an estate plan is YOU determine how and to whom your assets pass upon your death. Your Will allows you to nominate Guardian(s) for your minor child(ren) and further allows you to prepare appropriate estate planning documents to minimize federal and/or state estate taxes. If you do not have a Will or other dispositive testamentary document, then the State of Washington has written a Will for you (“intestate distribution”) which we submit is likely not a satisfactory default solution.

Basic Documents

Additional Documents

Non-Probate Assets – See below discussion for certain assets which may pass outside of a Will & Revocable Trust.


  1. Please either email (ron@rlcohen.com) or call (425) 454-0915 for an appointment.
  2. Download either the Married or Single Estate Planning Questionnaire.
  3. Complete the Personal portion of the Questionnaire. Note, the Personal portion of the Questionnaire will prompt you regarding naming Guardians & Trustees for minor children, Personal Representatives, Agents for your Financial & Health Care Powers of Attorney, etc.
  4. In lieu of completing the Financial portion of the Questionnaire-just bring in copies of recent bank & brokerage statements, including any employment related financial information (i.e. group-term life insurance & retirement accounts).
  5. Bring the Questionnaire & related documents with you to the initial appointment.

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